Life Changing Weight Loss

Comfort eating and just too fat…

It was summer of 2010 when I found Dreams to Realities through Google. The site looked informative and I decided to give Billy a call to see if there was anything that could be done about my ballooning weight problem. I have never been the slimmest person, but having a job that involved sitting in front of a computer and only a bit of travel meant that I was comfort-eating and putting on large amounts of weight.

Of course I was heavily in denial and it was not until I saw some photos that I decided something needed to change. After my first consultation with Billy I instantly felt better. We made some simple targets and bounced some ideas about how to improve my general overall health and also fitness. I have always been a keen sport lover and actually played regular sport; I was just big and fat. It eventually became harder for me to play various sports, although fitness was not a major issue at first.

Targets Targets Targets!

With easy targets, plus a step-by-step process and plan set for me by Billy, I came to realise that losing weight can be straightforward and discipline can be easy to master. I won’t go into great detail but we stuck with the plan and enjoyed some excercise to help battle the bulge.

Playing squash, a more well-balanced eating plan and working excercise into every day life completely transformed my weight. I weighed an incredible 119kg at the start and now I am a lighter 96kg. That equates to a three-stone loss from September 2010 when I started to February 2011 as I write this.

I would recommend Billy’s services and techniques 100%. It really does work and makes a massive difference – it has transformed my life. I still enjoy my food, but I am now just armed with expert knowledge on how to balance it all.

The story is not quite over though…. I am still planning on losing more and will certainly hit my targets set without any problem thanks to Billy’s help and support programme of Personal Training as well as his Walking, Talking Coaching. – Paul, Bedford

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